About StarPound Technologies


StarPound Technologies is a cloud contact center solution provider that streamlines the way businesses electronically interact, communicate and operate. Our products and services dramatically simplify and reduce the cost of end-to-end business processes. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, StarPound provides software, on-demand infrastructure and outsourcing services that enable companies to design, execute and adapt all interaction-based business processes. StarPound’s software platform is the product of years of innovation. StarPound’s founder, Michael McChesney was also the founder of S1 Corp. (NASDAQ: SONE), a pioneer in customer interaction software for the banking industry. From his work at S1, he knew that the next step to improve the customer experience was to fully integrate communications, business processes and the Web.The StarPound platform itself had its humble beginnings back in the late 1990s when its principal technologists first started developing “MDE”, the first model-driven development engine for the now popular Eclipse IDE. Pioneers in the field of MDA (model-driven architecture) and “metaprogramming”, the team continued to evolve this incredibly efficient method of application development.The outcome was a development platform that can achieve enormous time savings in the development of enterprise applications, web services, and converged/composite applications. The StarPound platform is now ready to help companies integrate their customer-facing business applications – from enterprise contact centers and online marketplaces, to search portals, virtual worlds and enterprise applications.

StarPound Technologies, Inc.

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